Thursday, June 11, 2009


See what you made me do? LOL Homemade pimento cheese ~ cream cheese, Tillamook cheddar, mayo, roasted pimentos, lil' dill pickle, onion, lotsa fresh cracked black and a splash of Texas Pete. Gonna let it git happy for a few hours, then run a lil' quality control on it about lunchtime ... mebbe on some pumpernickel? Sourdough??


BP said...

Man, that looks good! I think I'm going to try adding a little bit of cream cheese to my recipe.

I like my pimento cheese sandwich with a nice ripe slice of tomato on it.

Chez said...

8 oz cream cheese
1 cup mayo
1# shred cheddar
2/3 cup dice pimento
couple T minced onion
lil' seasoning
black pepper
splash hot sauce

this is the basics of my recipe - sometimes a lil' jalapeno or pepperjack cheese, sometimes a lil' cayenne, sometimes a lil' fine dice dill pickle ~ it's all good. btw, i'd KILL for a homegrown tomato about now ... about another month before mine are ripe!

Chris said...

Pimento cheese stuffed fattie sounds like a good idea right about now!

Oooh or pimento ABTs!

Anonymous said...

Chez - looks awesome dude! Makes me want to get some celery-lol

Bob R

Joy Tilton said...

Oh, oh, oh..I see a recipe! This looks like killer pimento cheese. We had a great smoky mayo (maybe bbq sauce and mayo) with our onion rings at Red Robin the other day. It was sooo good. I loved the Owl sandwich the other day! I've been sick with computer trouble lately...
joy c.