Monday, June 29, 2009

It's A Big Ol' Goofy World

OK, so I hauled off yesterday and made some homemade Caesar salad dressing. It wasn't planned, it just happened when I took quick inventory of ingredients I had on hand ... and it just clicked. So, now I got a quart of really good creamy homemade Caesar salad dressing ... and no romaine, etc. So off to the groceria I go, to git some salad fixins.

As I was leaving the store (this is where the plot thickens) ... dat grocery bagger fella was helpin' me load everything into the back mah pickup truck ... and I ask him to put dat 12 pk NA beer I'd just bought in the cooler ... all the sudden he starts bustin' my chops about why was I drinkin' NA beer!! I mean, he was really givin' me the bizness ... "why don't ya just drink water or tea" he ask me all snarky-like.

Now me, not being one to shy away from a mildly interesting conversation in the groceria parkin' lot, I ask dat fella (he wadn't no kid, either ... prolly 40-35 yrs old or so, him) "you drink a lot of beer, do ya podnah?" and he commences to turn up his nose at the notion of drinkin' beer, let alone NA beer ... sayin' how he much prefers vodak and tequila, yeh ~ braggin' how he drinks a whole bottle of vodak or tequila every night when he git off work! I din't have the heart to ask him if mebbe all dat vodak drinkin' might have something to do wit the fact he was 40 years old, and still baggin' groceries fer a living....

It's a big ol' goofy world, ain't it? Sho'nuff is.
(Clean & sober since 1991, me)


Bill said...

So, in the end, you did shy away ;~) I woulda' too. I spect we gonna see a monster Caeser salad on your blog today? {g} Congrats on that 1991 date !!


RibDog said...

Touche', Chez!