Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Steak Fajitas

KC Strip steak, marinated in homemade chile oil & fresh lime juice then seasoned with cracked black and DP Jamaican Firewalk and broiled medrare ... sliced thin for fajitas.

Had some homemade pimento cheese, so made a lil' cook's snack by rolling up some dat pimento cheese in thin slices of steak. Very tasty. Here's a few more pics <---click
Paul Butterfield Blues Band ~ One More Heartache


Joy Tilton said...

Jamaican firewalk, sauce or a fresh pepper??? Your brain must be tired from being so creative!

Chez said...

g'mornin mzjoy. the black peppercorns i use are called sarawak peppercorns ... i get them from penzeys. the jamaican firewalk is a spice blend that i get from dizzy pig. all of the dizzy pig spice blends are exceptional.

Chris said...

That would be a great appetizer or heavy "horsey dorves" for a party!