Friday, June 12, 2009

Lil' Missy Lands A Lunker

I recon this lunker weighs about 27-28 pounds ~ caught it on ultralight gear with 2# test line ... must be a kosher katfish, on account she was using hebrew national hot dogs fer bait. Me, I wasn't catching any fish ... and Lil' Missy was catching them left and right ... later I found out she was puttin' mustard on her hot dogs, so dat prolly why she was catching all the fish (I was puttin' relish on mine). My favorite thing about this pic is dat ol' barnyard cat sneaking down there to investigate dat fish.
Little Pink Anderson ~ St. James Infirmary


Bob R said...

Chez - was this caught at your place? Sounds like a great way to spend a beautiful day!! My bride (of 12 yrs) and I went down to the local Carrefour (Italy's super Wallmart - actually a French company) and perused their killer deli section -SOoo much better than what we get back in the States. Anyway came home with some a few hundred grams of Prosciutto San Daniele, Grana Padana cheese (made here in Fuili-Veneto), a whole pancetta and some other goodies. Just finished eating some fresh grilled asparagus and chicken breast (marinated in extra virgin olive oil and rosemary from the garden) - simple yet delicious. Your pics make me want to create something tomorrow - need to give it some thought :) enjoy the sunshine!

Chez said...

no, i live in town ~ that is out at my buddy's farm. i envy all those fantastic italian deli goodies you have access to. enjoy!

Chris said...

Awesome and funny as hell, about the hot dogs. My boy always uses chicken livers....I'll have to pass on the tip. Hebrew Nationals with mustard it is. that real (Frenchs), dijon, honey, or hot mustard? heh heh