Wednesday, July 7, 2010

National Fried Chicken Day - July 6th

Mais ... I got the ol' Griswold black iron skillet out yestiddy & went old school on a yardbird ~ pan fried ~ Kaw-Cajun style ... why? ... because it was National Fried Chicken Day, dat's why. Buttermilk/egg/hot sauce/Cajun Power Garlic Sauce soak ... drain, dredge in seasoned flour (seasoned with my homemade cajun seasoning) wit a lil' cornmeal in it ... pan fry golden brown ... and then slap yer mama for not makin' it so good. You better know I made some chicken gravy wit dem pan drippins, too.


Almost An Adult he he... said...

This looked so good I licked my computer screen. Shhh dont tell anyone LOL :)

Anonymous said...

I will second that comment. Would this be a premium menu item at Fat Johnny's Blue Plate Special Café?