Monday, August 2, 2010

Catfish On My Line ... Catfish Sho' Taste Fine

Fried catfish on the left, bacon studded hush puppies on the right ~ Ima happy plowboy now, ah garrontee!
Pump Boys & Dinettes ~ Catfish On My Line

Bacon studded hush puppies, fryin' in the same oil the catfish was fried in

Whooooboy ~ the ol' Griswold gettin' some love t'day, yeh

Catfish gettin' happy in a buttermilk, egg, hot sauce bath

Ol' Mr. Whiskers gettin' a dustin' of Fat Johnny's secret Kaw-Cajun seasoning


Big Dude said...

Man that looks good.

Anonymous said...

We will take two orders to go. Can they be delivered to Texas, while the dinners are still hot?

The way the temperatures are between Kansas and Texas, I don't think we have to worry about them getting cold.