Thursday, August 5, 2010

Crunky Ol' Catfish Sandwich

Fried catfish sandwich ~ dressed to the max

Toasted bun, slice of cheddar, fried catfish w/red onion slivers, sliced homegrown tomato, homemade olive tartar sauce and some bread & butter pickles.

Mice in place ~ feesh cut into strips & gettin' all happy in an egg/mustard/hot sauce bath.


Big Dude said...

You're killing me even harder. I have to try the marinade componenets

Anonymous said...

I think Roberta Flack sang about this, when she sang:

"Killing me softly, with your food porn, killing me softly..."

I think the lyrics were something like that, weren't they?

How did she know that you were going to create so much lustful havoc for the eyes and stomach?

Joy Tilton said...

How y'all doin? Haven't made the trip to visit in a while but as always, you made what I'm hungry for! Catfish samwiches for supper...stay cool John!

Chez said...

howdy mzjoy ~ everythings groovy on geezer street. hope thangs are well in the ozarks, too.