Monday, August 16, 2010

Weekend In Review

Andouille, Chicken, Shrimp Jambalaya

Virgin Eggs Kahola

Apple/Gooseberry Pie Ala Mode


Anonymous said...


What is the "Virgin Eggs Kahola" dish that you made? I have never heard of that before.


Chez said...

eggs kahola was created by a buddy of mine years ago - he had a cabin on lake kahola where we used to party on weekends. for a day after hair the dog breakfast, he would scramble up 3-4 dozen eggs with onions & peppers in'em, add a big ol' snort of vodka ... then fold in some cream cheese. eggs kahola. since i'm a teatotaler these days, i skip the vodka part - virgin eggs kahola.

Anonymous said...

Even at that, it sounds good without the vodka. Thanks, John.