Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Lambert's Throwed Rolls

Man, don't you just hate when yer butter melts & slides off yer hot roll?? I hate when that happens...

I had a hankerin' for a hot roll, so I hauled off and made some ~ my go to yeast roll recipe is Lambert's Throwed Roll recipe. Google it.


Anonymous said...

John, you could make a napkin look delicious.


Chez said...

howdy ken ~ you been cookin' any good bbq?

Anonymous said...

Finishing uo tonight on 9 Butts for a Wedding. So to answer your question, Yes. And I can tell from all your pictures that you have too!
Been working on a bathroom remodle, and just putting the finishing touchs on it. Redid floor, walls, vanity and top,and new toytee. Painted walls also. Have never put a tile floor in before. Really not that hard. About like cooking.