Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Fresh Green Beans ~ 3 Ways

Green Bean Salad ~ Lemon/Thyme Vinegrette

Blanched & french cut to make the salad above

Bacon wrapped & roasted ~ dressed with broiled lemon and balsamic vinegar

Blanched, tossed with EVOO, sea salt & cracked black ... then bacon wrapped

Old school country style green beans w/bacon and onions


Big Dude said...

I'm definitely an old school kinda green bean eater - cause that's what I grew up on.

Chez said...

yeah, that's my favorite way too ... with pan fried chops, chicken or meatloaf - it's the only way to fly.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you both. I grew up eating this kind of food from a Georgia raised mother. Seeing your version of "old-school country style green beans w/bacon" brought back many fond memories. Properly done, that kind of cooking is certainly hard to beat!

Good job, John, as always.