Friday, August 27, 2010

Pork Loin With Cherry/Pepper BBQ Sauce

Marinated overnight, then smoked with peach wood ~ 140* internal / wrapped & rested before slicing

Slices were extremely moist and tender ~ drizzled with some of the natural pan juices

Napped with some of my homemade cherry/pepper bbq sauce


Anonymous said...

And the tasting panel's conclusion was?

Good-looking finished product, Sir John!

Losferwords said...

Any chance of sharing the cherry BBQ sauce?

Chez said...

well, i don't remember exactly how i made it ... basically i just made KC-style tomato based bbq sauce & sweetened it with some homemade cherry preserves that i'd made earlier this summer ... then contrasted the sweet cherry flavor with a good dose of fresh cracked pepper. cherry/pepper bbq sauce.

OakridgeBBQ said...