Sunday, August 1, 2010

Honest Folk Wear Honest Shoes

From whence I came: This is my grandparents (Walt and Lyda Eddy) and my dad ~ pic taken when dad was home on leave during WWII. I ain't sure what the specifics are re: this pic ... but here's what I think is prolly happening. Ain't often that my grandad got all gussied up like he is in this pic - he lived in his bib overalls. It ain't a Sunday after church pic because granny would not have worn that dress to church. Dad still in uniform, so he prolly just got off the bus ... and with grandpa's car behind them, I'm thinkin' they just got back to the farm after driving to Topeka to pick up dad at the bus station. The pic was most likely taken by my uncle Grover (dad's brother) - since dad had not met my mom yet. Not everybody had cameras back in those days, but I can remember my grandparents having an old kodak brownie camera. As soon as the picture takin' was done, I think dad prolly changed out of that uniform, gramps put his overalls on, and grandma commenced to makin' her boys a good home-cooked meal. That's my story, and I'm sticking to it. BTW, note that all the clothes (with the exception of dad's army issued) were from Sears & Roebuck ... including the shoes. I love those old Sears & Roebuck shoes ~ says a lot about the man (and woman) wearing them.


Big Dude said...

Change the faces and they'd look just like my grandparents. To say that womens shoes have come a long way would be a giant understatement.

Stacia said...

I've only seen pictures of you on the blog, but I think you look just like your grandparents.

My dad was in WWII too, in the Navy, stationed on the USS San Carlos.