Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Alsatian Choucroute Bubble Bread

Scratch beer/bread dough on bottom, topped with 4 kinds of pigmeat (pork chops, ham, smoked sausage and bacon) ... and some aged swiss cheese.

Then a layer of bavarian kraut and onions with homemade mustard.

Then topped with more pieces of bread dough (think pull-apart) and a dusting of caraway seeds.

Hot out the oven ... git yerself a cold beer and start pullin'
Shelby Lynne ~ Silver Bells


Big Dude said...

Another dandy. Have a Merry Christmas Chez

John said...

That sure does look mighty tasty there Chez. Can't really see, was that baked in a glass pie dish? I gotta try this one for sure.

Have a Merry Christmas John.

Chez said...

yeh john, i used a 10" glass pie dish. the dough is just a standard yeast dinner roll dough (i use lamberts throwed roll recipe) ~ there is a layer of bread dough pieces on the bottom then all the fillings on top of that, then the dough pieces on top. proof dough first, then punch it down, cut the pieces & roll each piece in melted butter before building the bubble bread, then cover loosely and let proof again ... then bake 350 for about 25 minutes until done. i've made this before using a bunch of sliced/julienne pepperoni & cheddar cheese - also good.

John said...

Thanks for the extra info Chez, I was kind of wondering how the dough was placed in the bottom layer. I'm planning on making this in the next few days.