Thursday, December 30, 2010

Fat Johnny's Praline Pork Chops

Best damn pork chop I ever ate. Tru dat.

Cooked direct over hardwood charcoals to git a lil' Pitsburgh Burn on'em, them moved indirect & smoked to target temp of 150* wit a lil' peach wood.

Seasoned with my new favorite seasoning Pig Pen's Original ( sent to me by my buddy, RT )

This is the best thing to come out of the ol' coonass test kitchen in a long time. I used Dumplin' Valley BBQ Sauce as a base to develop a Praline BBQ Sauce. You can see the difference ~ regular DV on the right, and my Praline BBQ Sauce creation on the left. Killer stuff ... mebbe one these days I'll share the recipe & technique ... but first you gotta go buy yerself some Dumplin' Valley ... it's the ONLY sauce that will work in this recipe. Dumplin' Valley <----click

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