Thursday, December 23, 2010

Ghosts Of Christmas Past

This is me, circa 1956, telling jolly ol' Santa at Macy's Department Store in Topeka about the Red Ryder 200-Shot BB Gun that I wanted for Christmas.

Circa 1955 ~ again on "Santa's" lap in my jammies, along with my sister, Brenda. This pic was taken out at the old farmhouse where I grew up ... Santa, in this pic, is my Grandma Johns.

Circa 1954 ~ Christmas morning at the old farmhouse ~ I made a real haul that year ... it was the BEST CHRISTMAS EVER! I can remember that chair and the new trike, and a drum, and....

Gotta love the lil' Christmas tree ... that's my Grandpa Eddy in the pic with me ... he and my Dad probably drug that tree in from somewhere in the pasture behind the house ~ that's where we got our tree every Christmas. I'm guessin' Grandpa gave me that drum (lil' drummer boy, me?) because I'm pretty sure my Dad would not have made that mistake? LOL