Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Dinner On The Down Low

Christmas Dinner on the down low: the back story ... there was a time in my life when I had a booze/drug problem that persisted for a couple of decades, and one Christmas I was particularly down & out ... no job, no car, no money, I scraped up all my loose change and walked to a 7-11 Store on Christmas morning and bought a tater, an onion and a package of weinies ... went home and made this casserole for my Christmas dinner. By the Grace of God, I've been clean and sober now for almost 20 years ~ don't need to eat like that any more and I certainly didn't need to eat like this today ... but I think that in order to appreciate where you are, you gotta remember where you been. Merry Christmas Y'all, and would somebody please pass the catsup .... Ho Ho Ho.

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Anonymous said...

John, wonderful story of something so simple as a dish of food that helps to ground you to your past and your future. Thank you for sharing! We are so glad that you are here to share another Christmas with your family and friends and many admirers!

God is indeed good to those of us when things seem the darkest in our lives!

Ron "Texlen"