Monday, May 25, 2009

Cast Your Bread Upon The Water

Seesta B ~ (my sister, Brenda)

NoBob ~ (my ol' buddy, Rob Bell)

Lil' Missy ~ (Robin Bell ... ol' NoBob's bettah half)

My good frien, Hoppy (James Hopper) was part of the paintin' crew also ... but I didn't git a pic of him while he was over here painting. This is a pic taken last fall out at the Perrydize Lodge & Nature Conservatory (NoBob's Farm) ~ dat's ol' Hoppy in the middle ... NoBob on the left ... and me, doing what I do best ~ sittin' on my ass!

I could blather on all sappy-like fer hours on end, about what a blessed ol' curmudgeon I am to have such good friends & family that would spend their holiday weekend workin' so hard to paint my house...and my dear Seesta B who started this whole project last fall by winterizing all my windows, and then spent a whole week prepping this house for painting. It's humbling, to say the least. Thanks to all involved, fer makin' this ol' coonass feel so loved.
John Mellencamp ~ Little Pink Houses


RibDog said...

You definitely have a lot of good friends there, Chez. You are a lucky man.

Chet said...

Glad you got it done Chez.