Friday, May 22, 2009

Little Green Tents

The little green tents where the soldiers sleep
And the sunbeams play and the women weep
Are covered with flowers today

And between the tents walk the weary few
Who were young and stalwart in 'sixty-two
When they went to the war away

The little green tents are built of sod
And they are not long, and they are not broad
But the soldiers have lots of room

And the sod is part of the land they saved
When the flag of the enemy darkly waved
The symbol of dole and doom

The little green tent is a thing divine
The little green tent is a country's shrine
Where patriots kneel and pray

And the brave men left, so old, so few
Were young and stalwart in 'sixty-two
When they went to the war away

~~Uncle Walt Mason 1916
We Were Soldiers ~ When They Come


Doug Worgul said...

Thank you, Brother John. This has become a cherished tradition.

We're well, thanks. Looks like you and your family and friends are fine, also.

Chez said...

doug, the author of this poem (uncle walt mason) is one of my favorite writers. he worked for william allen white at the emporia gazette for many years, and the gazette used to publish this poem every memorial day. i first read this poem about 30 years ago, and have read it and/or posted it somewhere to share & keep ol' walt mason's work alive, ever since then. i'm honored that you hold it in such regard.