Saturday, May 2, 2009

Muffaletta Ham Salad

Well, I baked a ham a while back ... saved all the lil' pieces & ground them with a hunk of salami that I had in the fridge, and mixed in some homemade olive tapenade to make some kicked-up ham salad ... muffaletta ham salad? works for me ... slapped on a bun wit some baby swiss and dressed wit a lil' slaw ~ call it what ya like, it's good eats in my book.
Norman Blake ~ Song Of The Hills


RibDog said...

Now that is an excellent idea on the Muffaleta Ham Salad, Chez. That must be what you get paid the big bucks for.

Chez said...

necessity, as they say, is the mother of invention. go wit the flow, podnah...