Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Dave Rawlings With Harper Simon

Here's my current favorite acoustic guitar player (Dave Rawlings) plugged in w/the Harper Simon Band


~Mooney said...

My wife and I are going to see Dave Rawlings with his new band, the Dave Rawlings Machine, in December. the band has Gillian Welch, Dave, and 3 members of Old Crow Medicine Show. We also happen to be going to see Old Crow Nov 7th too. Should be 2 great shows!

Chez said...

hay mooney ~ longtime rawlings/welch fan, me ... but dave is runnin' with some fast company now (paul simon's son) and i'm not entirely on board with his electric side. i wanna hear dave rawlings play acoustic americana ... not 'lectric pop. gotta pay the bills, i guess.

~Mooney said...

I like the more acoustic stuff too.

I think the Dave Rawlins Machine will be a little more acoustic, but i am not sure. I know OCMS plays mostly acoustic, though good fast hard newgrass music, so maybe the Machine will be more like that. The album is not out yet, i wish it was so i could hear some of it.