Saturday, October 10, 2009

Mrs. Laswell's 4th Grade Class

Can you find the hayseed? This would have been 1960-61 ~ I was 10 years old. How many girls would be wearing dresses in their 4th grade composite pictures today? LOL Note the scowl on the face of the little boy in the front row ... his name is Richard Lowery, and I don't think he's too happy about being in the only boy in the front row with all them cute lil' girls!


Mike said...

Back row, 2nd from the left? Near the teacher so she can keep a close eye on you, no doubt.

Bill said...

Yeah, I think Mike's right :) What's with the ears on most them boys anyway? (g)

Mike said...

Whoa, no kidding! I bet it's something in them sunflower seeds!