Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Fire In The Hole ~ Mixed Grill

Choice grade/aged KC Strip steak and 4 big-assed boneless pork loin chops ~ steak seasoned with DP Raising The Steaks and chops seasoned with Smokin' Guns Hot

Added a couple small coils homemade hot sausage and a homemade fattie (fattie seasoned with DP Redeye Express) ~ no seasoning on the coils

Coals dropped to indirect, chunk of peach wood thrown on them & lid on to smoke

Threw a few ABTs on, just for the hell of it ~ japs from the Perrydize garden, stuffed with homemade pimento cheese


Spradlen Family News said...

Chez recon how much Q that Lil Smokey of yours has cooked?

Chez said...

prolly close to a half ton, norm ~ don't show no sign of slowin' down, either.

Spradlen Family News said...

I have one 4 years old and it still works great.