Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Stewed Bread & Tomatoes

Well, here's an old retro veggie dish that you just don't see anymore ... the old folks used to just call it breaded tomatoes OR bread'n'tomatoes. It used to be popular back in the 50s and 60s, especially in the lil' mom & pop cafes and diners as part of their meat & three blue plate specials. I hated it as a kid, but I absolutely love it now ~ the secret to good bread'n'tomatoes is adding a lil' sugar to sweeten it up a bit ... and use canned homegrown tomatoes, of course. I start my pot with a lil' bacon grease, sweat some onions and green peppers, then add the tomatoes & simmer/stew for about 30 minutes until thickened a bit ... season with salt, lotsa cracked black and some sugar ... then remove from heat & fold in the day old bread chunks so the bread soaks up all dat delicious juice. An oldie, but a goodie.


Pat said...

An old PA Dutch belly filler was a riff on creamed chipped beef. You saute onions in bacon fat, add tomatoes, make a roux & then add milk/h&h. Serve over toast for breakfast, lunch or dinner. It sure filled them screamin' bellies. Like you, I hated it when I was a kid. Now I love it.

Unknown said...

Isn't it amazing how as we get older we find out that "the old folks" stuff was not half bad, after all.