Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Hearty German Fare

Well, I bought a whole boneless pork loin on sale ~ cut it up into different cuts (some thick chops for the bbq grill, some big chunks for braising with green chile sauce, some thin chops for pounding out and making fried pork tender sands & pork picatta, a nice big pork roast for roasting with sauerkraut, etc) and ended up with a couple of nice thick chops leftover ... hadda couple apples in the fridge & a half an onion ... made a lil' homemade spaetzel to side it up and sop the juices ~ voila, supper!

Homemade spaetzel (lil' german egg dumplins) ~ easy peasy to make. I make the batter, then press it thru the holes in my colander into a pot of boiling water ... shock ... drain ... then when ready to serve, saute' in butter wit a lil' garlic. I love these lil' buggers.

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