Monday, October 5, 2009

Go Chicken Go

I don't frequent many fast food joints, but this is one that I do ... love me a box of their crispy fried gizzards & hot sauce fer dippin'em. They got real good fried chicken, too ~ way mo' better than KFC.


Anonymous said...

John, you kept the best secret to yourself. Where are they located. If the are mo better than KFC, they muct be better than Church's Chicken.

Spread the wealth brother. Grin


Anonymous said...

My fingers need to learn to type better. I messed up they and must. Oh well, it's early and I'm listening to Southern Cross from CSN.

Chez said...

kenny, we don't have a go chicken go in topeka ... i go to the one in olathe, down on the sw side of town. their sauce is great also ... you can buy their sauce at herman's meat shop and also hyvee

Unknown said...


What is different about the sauce? Just wondering what there is about it that impresses you?


Chez said...

the sauce is kinda like a picante sauce ... kinda hot ... got some onions & green peppers in it. perfect for dipping fried gizzards. i've got a bottle of it in my fridge now. it's good on any kinda fried chicken or fish.

Anonymous said...

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Thanks for the shout out!