Friday, April 23, 2010

BBQ Chicken ~ Old School

BBQ Chicken, the way my Dad used to make it ... cooked over hot charcoals, slathered with Kraft Original BBQ Sauce & burn the hell out of it. Sometimes I yearn for the burn, baybee!! Pretty food is highly overrated.

Some fresh steamed carrots (cut with my handy dandy lil' fru fru krinkle cutter tool) and fresh broccoli


~Mooney said...

Man, my old man used to do the same thing. except with Country Ribs, and Ken Davis BBQ sauce. Still love me that Ken Davis with a good Char (Carmelization to some!)

Chez said...

lol ~ we didn't know what country ribs were, back in the day. my dad cooked pork steaks (sliced pork butt) like that though ... and he also liked to cook chuck roasts like that. he called it *steak* ... but it was just tough ol' chuck roast, slathered with bbq sauce & charred to hell. and don't even git me started about his use of charcoal lighter fluid!! lol but by gawd, we dutifully ate it, and we were damn glad to have it.

Big Dude said...

Looks just like the chicken I grew up eating and still like it that way.