Sunday, April 25, 2010

Garlic Stuffed Baked Texas 1015 Onion

Topped with parmesan & ready to be wrapped in foil & baked

Big ol' knob of butter to seal in the garlic clove

Lil' crater stuffed with a whole garlic clove, which btw is to die for after it's baked. I like to take the baked garlic clove after it's baked & schmear it on a grilled steak or a piece of crusty bread.

Onion crater, carved out with a melon baller tool ~ easy peasy.


Anonymous said...

Now dat gonna make one good onion Chez. Got's any after pics of it.


gettin thangs ready for the Great American Barbecuuuuuue
A fool and his money....Ha Ha grin

Chez said...

yeh, i'll post'em for ya kenny ... and good luck at the GAB