Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Blackened Chicken Creole Platter

Blackened chicken breast topped with homemade Creole sauce, fried grits, baked onion ... and some green stuff.


Anonymous said...

Perfect home for dat onion Chez. Perfect home.
Thanks for posting it.
Looks real good along side dat chicken. Um-Um good.

And Thanks for da good luck at the GAB. Gonna need it. First contest over 65 cookers we have gone up against. Gonna be around 360 or so. Just glad I don't have to cook against you. I'd stay home. G


Chez said...

hay kenny, ima gonna haul off and have me one them high-fallutin' $500 cooking classes. y'all come now, heah?

Anonymous said...

Chez, for $500.00 dollar, I'll tell ya what I know and do your dishes. That is as long as I get to eat off those dishes. g

Gots any mushrooms yet? Guess I need to be tought how to hunt those things, and where to go look.