Saturday, April 17, 2010

Butts On The Barbie

Pork butts, trimmed down to about 4# center cut

Rubbed down with dat good Dixie Dust bbq seasoning

On the barbie, about 4 hours in ~ indirect method, coals on each side of drip pan under the butts ~ smoking with hickory wood and apple wood. Pit temp running a lil' hotter than normal, by design ... 300* or a lil' hotter. Gonna employ the *Texas Crutch* here pretty soon. Chopped Carolina-style BBQ fer supper, baybee.


Anonymous said...

That looks fantastic! A couple of questions; can you buy a butt already cut that way--I don't think I've seen that anywhere (or haven't know what I was lookin' at). And what is Texas Crutch?

You and your followers might enjoy "cottage bacon" and you can access the recipe via

The "Food & Fire" link there will take folks to the recipe.

Great site you provide! Always something good...
Best Regards,
Lucky Dog

Chez said...

yo luckydog, those are whole butts that i just trimmed down to about 4-5# - like big huge pork steaks/roasts. i ground the trim & made sausage. i'll check out your link - sounds like your cottage bacon may be similar to what we call buckboard bacon? texas crutch = aluminum foil