Saturday, April 10, 2010

Cajun Power Boogas

Fresh ground beef, seasoned with Cajun Power woostershire & garlic sauce then dusted with Dizzy Pig Redeye Express

Hand formed 1/2 lb patties ~ Cheebooga, Cheebooga, Cheebooga!!

Ready to go to the charcoal grill ~ got some dat good Tillamook cheddar sliced & ready to top these bad boys. No COKE ... Pepsi


Big Dude said...

They look really good. About how much of the garlic sauce did you add for the 4# of meat?

Chez said...

i recon about 1/4 cup of the garlic sauce mixed in with the meat, before i formed the patties. also seasoned the meat with some cajun power woostershire sauce (about the same amount) a lil' kosher salt, and some dp redeye (a great seasoning that has ground coffee in it - great on burgers)