Thursday, September 24, 2009

Chicken Pot Pie

Mais, I went all foo foo and lattice like on the biscuit topping for this chicken pot pie ~ even put some parmesan cheese in the biscuit dough (Lord, I apologize for that ... and be wit them starving pygmies down there in New Guinea)

Here's what underneath dat foo foo biscuit topping ~ nice thick savory homemade chicken stew wit lotsa fresh veggies & chunks of slow-stewed chicken.

Well, I had the oven cranked up so I hauled off and baked a few soft, chewy peanut butter/oatmeal cookies too.


Unknown said...


The chicken stew really looks good. Do you mind sharing what ingredients besides the vegetables went into the stew? It is not the typical white gravy, so I was just wondering what you use?

Also, you make things so difficult when you show your pictures of cookies, etc., and we are not there to enjoy the fruits of your labor.


Chez said...

the sauce is not white because it's a homemade chicken stock, none of that *clear* storebought chicken broth and no cream or milk in it. i started the stock pot with a lil' water, all the veggie scraps & peelings, and a whole chicken ... stewed it for a couple hours, took the chicken out, pulled the meat off the carcass, hot roasted the carcass for about an hour then returned the roasted carcass to the stock pot and simmered for another hour, then strained the stock & started adding all the veggies & pulled chicken. thickened it with a blonde butter roux. slow food.

Unknown said...


Do you use any spices or seasonings other than the aromatics of the stockpot?

The darker color comes from your roasting of the carcass?

It really does look good!


Tracie said...

Well now. I've never heard of that roast-the-carcass trick, but I can see where it would make some really good stock.

I get so hungry whenever I drop by this blog. :-)

dandelion said...

Dem biscuits is not fancy why I ben makin dem dat way for goin on 40 years. :)