Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sunday Breakfast On Da Bayou

Fluffy green chile queso omelette, fried caramelized onion grits, crisp bacon ~ washed down wit a virgin bloody.

Caramelized onion/cheddar grits, chilled overnight ~ sliced & dredged in flour/yellow cornmeal & fried in bacon drippins.

Oh Yeah ~ dat's what I'm tawkin' about.

We don't need no steenkin' Egg McGriddle, no!


Big Dude said...

And I thought I had a pretty good breakfast - that looks awesome

Chez said...

ah hell bigdude, ain't nuthin' fancy ~ just a couple eggs & a nickle's worth of grits. (g)

Unknown said...


It may be only "a nickle's worth of grits," but it's what is done with that nickel that counts.

I think you got your money's worth!


Big Dude said...

I grew up eating fried cornmeal mush and scrapple, but never tried grits. But since you have posted fried grits several times, you've inspired me to go in the kitchen right now and make me a batch of cheese grits to fry up tomorrow.

Chetster said...

virgin bloody huh...I like this idea. Now give me an idea on what to do with a lil bit of real good tasso I got. I ain't never had tasso, what do you do with it?

Chez said...

howdy chet. i drink virgin bloodys because i'm a recovering alkie & don't drink the booze no more. i do like my NA beer, though. (g) tasso = highly seasoned/spicy/smoked ham usually made with scraps of pork butt. i use it to season veggie dishes, soups, tasso hollandaise, in eggs, etc. think of it as cajun bacon bits?

Chetster said...

You know them veggie dishes can always use a lil help. I'll be heading thata way. Thanks