Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Soup And Sourdough

Temps turned cold yesterday ~ right on cue wit the autumnal equinox ... so I whooped up a big pot of homemade chicken veggie soup & baked some fresh sourdough fer soppin'.


RibDog said...

Sure wish I could turn off my A/C and open the windows for a while.

Looks real tasty, Chez! Thanks for sharing.

Chez said...

dude, it's downright chilly here this morning ... got down to mid-40s last night ~ i had to git my flannel jammies out!! lol

Joy Tilton said...

Great minds think alike, I made sourdough today too. I started my sourdough starter 10 days ago and have been anxious to use it. Ok Chez, the dough's not rising. I know my yeast today was good and I brought the starter to room temp to add. What did I do wrong???

Chez said...

usually when that happens, it's because the water you bloom the yeast in, OR any additional water you add to the dough, is too hot & it kills the the lil' yeastie beasties. did you add additional *warm water*? there's a fine line between warm & TOO HOT as far as the yeasties are concerned.