Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Proud Uncle, Me

This is my nephew, Alex, who is in Americorps ~ he is one of the youngest Team Leaders in Americorps and one of very few to become a Team Leader their first year in. Alex was back in town this past weekend & I was having dinner with him & the rest of the family when he got a call from the New York Times reporter who did this piece. Check it out ~ here's the article <---(click) and here's the slide show & pic of Alex <---(click). Attaboy, Alex!


RibDog said...

And you should be proud of him. That is a fantastic accomplishment.

Pat said...

What a wonderful thing. I'm not knocking the Peace Corps, but there's so much need right here in the US, it's great to see these young people working right here at home. I hope you make a s*&^ pile of food -- that boy looks like he could EAT!

Chet said...

give that boy another attaboy fer me. they always told me growing up that hard work never killed nobody.