Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Trailer Park Chili aka Old Settler's Beans

3-4 pounds ground beef, bacon onions, garlic and peppers

beans, brown sugar, bbq sauce, catsup, molasses, hot sauce

mix, mix, bake ~ one of my favorite one-pot chilly day meals


Chet said...

looks good my man! but, you mean you put beans in yer chili???

LOL I'll never forget getting that question the first time and how it was a total shock that chili was being made anywhere by anyone with NO beans. Gotta have my beans, and besides everybody knows bout them beans being good fer yer heart, etc, etc.

Chez said...

wellhellyeah i put beans in mah chili ... why?...because i LIKE beans in my chili, dat's why!! lol best chili i ever had was at a lil' greasy spoon called *shirley's place* in marysville, kansas ... my dad and i used to stop there for chili ... ol' shirley served her pinto beans in the bottom of the bowl & then ladeled her greasy/spicy chili over the top of the beans. i'll never forget it ... place has been closed for prolly 25-30 years now.

Anonymous said...

Hi Y'all,

Have you published a book of your BBQ recipes so that us limeys can get da flavas here in London England?

Jason said...

Allways red kidney beans in my chilli by the way!!!