Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Kansas Backroads In The Fall

Went for a cruise out into the boonies yesterday ~ took the backroads to my favorite fishing hole ... had my poles with me but never wet a line ~ just enjoyed the beautiful weather and scenery.

Far from the maddening crowd......

Burning Leaves

There's orange and gold and scarlet on the fields
Beside the somber black of earth new-plowed
A woman burning red and yellow leaves
The pale blue spiral twisting to a cloud

One afternoon like this we walked alone
Through orchards and beneath a bent old oak
The spice of ripened apples mingling with
The faint and stirring pungency of smoke

No need of words to mar that perfect hour
Which hangs star-bright against the midnight blue
Of other days. A whole eternity
Is etched in poignant silences anew

These many years! Again the flowing flame
Of scarlet oak. Again the autumn sheaves
Love, laughter, pain and parting, life and death
Are blended in the smell of burning leaves

Zula Bennington Greene
aka "Peggy of the Flint Hills"
October 17, 1942

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Unknown said...


As you well know, contrary to what a lot of people think, Kansas really has some pretty scenery in various parts of the state!

Good job!