Saturday, September 19, 2009

Honeyed Peach Cobbler

Amazing what can be done wit a lil' fresh fruit & some flour, eh?

Hot out the oven ~ chunky, rustic and homemade. Best friend a scoop of vanilla ice cream ever had, ah garrontee!

Fresh locally grown peaches, ripe and sweet & juicy.


Anonymous said...

Oh John, you touched me on the the peaches. How much and when can I pick it up. I'll take two. On to eat now, and the other for after the first one.


Chez said...

friend of mine brought me those peaches, kenny ~ they are fresh off a peach tree in his back yard. i'm gonna be making a big batch of peach jam tomorrow. rock chalk.

Unknown said...

Two of my favorites would be your homemade peach cobbler paired with some Blue Bell Homestyle Vanilla Ice Cream -- that would almost be like being in heaven!

Looks good, Chez!