Saturday, August 22, 2009

Smoky Pulled Pork & Kraut Pistolettes

A dozen smoked pork pistolettes ~ hot out the oven ~ buttery scratch dough crusted with coarse sea salt.

Yummy smoky pork, Bavarian kraut and Swiss cheese filling.

This is the filling, before I added the cubed Swiss cheese and mixed it all together ~ note also, the homemade corn chow chow and a squirt of Poboy's mustard bbq sauce. It was a great flavor combination.


Rawtalent said...

Add a six pack and a good football game and I'd knock down a whole platter of those babies!

Chez said...

you brang the home brew & i'll brang the pistolettes.

RibDog said...

Can you ship me a dozen of those Chez? Guess I need to go eat now. LOL

PattiCakes said...

Are pistolettes a riff on what we Sout Philly types would call a stromboli or a calzone? The stromboli/calzone is made with eye-talian ingredients, but your pistolettes look more German or BBq-ish. Is the dough a standard white dough? Strombol/calzone use a pizza dough,sometimes with a little evoo in it.